Favorite Goodies

May 5, 2010
1.  Silk Pure Almond Milk

It's my favorite beverage on earth to drink.  I switched from regular milk and haven't looked back.  I usually buy the unsweetened version, but they're both yummy.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner, a full glass is beside my plate!   I cook with it, I drink it and my refrigerator always has at least two cartons.  I can't imagine myself without!

2.  Barney Butter Crunchy Almond Butter

I've been a peanut butter addict for as long as I can remember.  I love most all nut butters, but almond butter has a special place in my heart.  This is the best almond butter brand I've tried.  It's smooth and creamy consistency is sometimes hard to find in an almond butter.  This stuff is legit.

This gluten-free goodness is a gift from God. It's a staple in my cabinet and I can be found eating it for its intended breakfast consumption, or weird things like using it in my cooking and baking!

As the name not-so-subtly-suggests, this device is magic. I use it most everyday for my breakfast smoothies, and making soups and purees. The possibilities are endless and the cleanup and convenience are its best features.

5.  To be continued...