A lovely lady...

January 25, 2011

River, from Wing-It Vegan is, without a doubt, the sweetest!  River patiently gave me detailed bloggy tips and I'll forever be indebted.  I'm in love with her beautiful photos and witty writing.  I'm also pretty obsessed with idea of her (gluten-free!) Orange Anise Rolls, which I'm now determined to make.


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

Your blog is lovely, Jess! Aww, you're too sweet! I'm glad I could help you sort out the recipe index. Thank you so much for your kind words! You even made me a lovely snowy graphic! And I love snow! :)

I hope you like the Orange-Anise Rolls if you get a chance to make them!

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

I just read your "about" page - WOW! You are so beautiful! Stunning!

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