25 by 25

May 13, 2011

I have a short-term life list to share. My birthday is exactly five months from today and I decided to compile a bucket-list of sorts of twenty-five things to do before I turn twenty-five.
  1. Make my own list of the 25 best things to eat. 
  2. Sleep under the stars.
  3. Go on a biking trip.
  4. Throw a themed-party!
  5. Grow something.
  6. Teach someone something new. 
  7. Learn something new.
  8. Make homemade donuts.
  9. Surprise someone with an unexpected gift. 
  10. Be a fearless biker-chick...or just ride a scooter. 
  11. Have a ladies' lunch at The Steeping Room with my sis. 
  12. Take a fun weekend trip.
  13. Take a day to do nothing but read. 
  14. Purchase something red (for my red-less wardrobe).
  15. Have a sleepover party with my niece.
  16. Go to a comedy show.
  17. Play a round of golf in a new place. 
  18. Go on a hike. 
  19. Organize and beautify a new kitchen. 
  20. Go to a baseball game with my daddy.
  21. Make some new friends (and keep the old!) 
  22. Bake challah.
  23. Go one day without speaking.
  24. Go out of my way to make grand loving gestures. 
  25. Move to a new city!
Let's go!


Mrs. Salas said...

I think you can cross a few more off your list now!

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