dinner and a show

May 20, 2011
One of my favorite weeknight dinners of late consists of thinly sliced and seared tofu with just sea salt and ground pepper with roasted asparagus.  I saute the tofu in a smidgey-bit-o-sesame oil, throw the asparagus on a baking sheet drizzled in lemon juice, minced garlic and onion salt and about 15 minutes later, dinner's served.

But let's get to the real story.

That sold-out concert I might have mentioned that took place at the Beacon last night... the one where I planned to stroll up, casually swipe up some tickets from a scalper (or, ideally a sweet person just looking to sell their extras)?  A whole-heck-of-a-lot-of money down and some counterfeit tickets later, my ears heard nothing from the outside of the theatre.  On the bright side, I caught a wee bit of a free concert a few blocks away at Lincoln Center.  Free is good when you just emptied your wallet for a whole lot of nothing.  


Hester Casey - Alchemy said...

Thinly sliced, seared tofu with asparagus. LIKE :)
Counterfeit tickets. UNLIKE :(

Jess said...

See? I knew you'd have my back!

:) Definitely learned a lesson!

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