uncovering fruit: mission 1

May 10, 2011
I'm on a mission to expand my fruit-consuming horizons.  Let's face it, nothing will ever, ever get in between me and my beloved banana.  Although, there are so many fruits out there in the great, big world that I have yet to experience.  I'm going to make it my job to give them a try.  But no worries banana, you'll always have my heart.

Here is the kumquat.  A kum-what?
The funny little name perfectly suits the funny little fruit.  They're grown on a tree and look like a miniature orange and have the shape and size of an olive.   Kumquats are traditionally an Asian fruit and symbolizes  good look in China.
Fruity feedback:  Don't let their cute exterior fool you.  In short, kumquats are disgusting.  That's putting it lightly.  They're without a doubt, the most bitter thing I've ever tasted.  I'm not convinced that people actually consume these and enjoy them.  It's no wonder they stand for good luck.  People who eat them undoubtedly need a great deal of luck to live through these sour-nuggets-of-grossness.

Does anyone have a recipe for something edible that features kumquats?  It seems I'll have a few laying around going uneaten...


a said...

my friend said the exact same thing about kumquats :) she tried one once and hasn't gone near one since!

Tara720 said...

I know it sounds weird but if you rub them between your hands first it helps, but I really enjoy kumquats :)

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