how to make almond milk

July 20, 2011
I love almond milk.

It's no secret around these parts that I use it in everything from smoothies to cupcakes.  And if we're being completely honest... mostly, I drink it straight from the carton.  It's okay; I live alone.  
Of course, anyone can buy almond milk- but it tastes creamier and much more fresh when you make it on your own.  It's simple ingredients, without the added ingredients on the back of your "Almond Breeze" or "Silk" box that are impossible to even pronounce. And let's face it.  Sometimes it just tastes better knowing you made it yourself.  
No worries.  It's much easier than it may sound.
The first step is to soak raw almonds in fresh cold water.  Soaking the almonds make them plump up and soften making them easier to blend.  Use fresh, high-quality almonds. (Stale almonds could make some bad tasting milk.)  I picked up fresh almonds in the bulk section which was a lot less expensive and they made a slightly sweet and nutty (duh) tasting milk. Yum!
So, first place 1 cup raw almonds in a bowl and cover with water. Cover the bowl and soak the almonds in the refrigerator approximately 8 hours. It's easiest to just soak them overnight.  After soaking, drain and rinse the almonds. Place the almonds and 4 cups fresh cold water in a blender container. Cover and blend until as smooth as possible.  A high-speed blender works best for this.  While I don't have a fancy, heavy-duty Vita-Mix blender, I do have my fancy Magic Bullet for which I've ever-so-lovingly professed my adoration many times.  It works perfectly!

Once blended, you will strain the mixture to separate the almond milk from the almond pulp.  There are lots of options here.  You could use a fine mesh strainer, a nut milk bag or a cheesecloth (even a dishtowel, if needed.)  I used a cheesecloth that I placed over a bowl to strain the nut milk.  Once strained, you should have about 4 cups of almond milk.

I add a few drops of pure vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt and a couple drops of Stevia to the almond milk.   You could also sweeten it with a natural sweetener like maple syrup or just go without. 
Keep the milk in an airtight container in the refrigerator.  It will stay fresh for 2 to 3 days. (The almond milk will separate upon standing. Just give it a shake or stir before sipping!

I refuse to throw out the remaining almond pulp so I'm on the hunt for a way to use it.  Have you used almond pulp in any recipes before?  


Anonymous said...

Seems like you could add the almost pulp to cookies, but no, I haven't tried it.

Anonymous said...

Can you use this milk to make yogurt?

Anonymous said...

i think it would be good in an almond biscotti :)

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