the perfect bite :: blueberry hand pies

September 1, 2011
You've gotta be kidding me.  September? Noooooo.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer!

If you feel the same way as me, perhaps our painful sayonara to the days of summer will be dulled this Labor Day weekend with a nifty treat like blueberry hand pies!  Hop on over to check out the post {and recipe!} for my Perfect Bite series at


Mindy said...

I know, right?! Here in Oregon, summer has barely even started and it's already over. So sad. But I'm pretty sure these pies will make me feel better. :o) I'm headin' over to check them out!

Natasha said...

I've literally stared every single one of your recent recipes. If only there were engouh time in a day to try them all.


Apron Appeal said...

These are going to be just for me! Can't wait to get to these. PINNED & buzzed.

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