the holiday table

December 12, 2011
Tis' the season for holiday parties galore... and what's a holiday party without good eats and sweet treats?  I'm so excited to share with you some holiday-inspired-yummies to help make your holiday a little bit tastier!  I'll be sharing some must-have recipes that I consider staples on my Holiday Table.
Floral design by Ash ; Tablescape by Camille

What traditional foods must you have when entertaining family and friends for the holiday? 
Stay tuned for the Holiday Table series...


Tip Top Shape said...

Cookies are a must. Plus, I just made these pesto palmiers and I think they have become a staple. So simple and elegant. Btw--your table is absolutely beautiful. Where did you get your three tier serving platter? I love it!

Jess said...

Mmmm... ALWAYS cookies! Pesto palmiers sound divine! And thanks- the serving platters are actually Camille's ( and I raved about them, too. She actually picked them up at Target, believe it or not! I'm headed over soon to see if I can find something similar! :)

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