January 5, 2011
Wanted:  a warm, sunny winter
Wanted:  a gluten-free amazing-tasting doughnut
Wanted:  to read for two hours without immediately falling asleep
Wanted:  another dodgeball-team-championship-season!
Wanted:  an unlimited supply of my new favorite snack

New favorite snack?

With much pride, I introduce to you, the sunbuttered banana chip.

Holy deliciousness!
TJ's Vacuum Fried Banana Chips dipped right into the jar of Sunbutter.  You're welcome.

Making resolutions and desserts...

Looking back at 2010 all I can think is "WHOA!"  It was filled with happy times and it ended on such a wonderful note.
Pete and I spent our Christmas holiday and New Year in Miami!
I'm back to the real world now.  I've decided that 2011 will be filled with dreams and challenges I haven't even realized.  With the excitement of the new year, I've set myself some goals.
     * Try out one new recipe a week
     * Spend time weekly working on photography
     * Go to bed earlier so I can read more
     * Focus on all the positive bits of life
     * Play the ukulele
     * Together with Pete, learn more about HTML
     * Continue building forgiving martha into a creative and inspiring space
I'm incredibly thankful for a loving family and the best boyfriend, a job I love, and old and new friends alike that stretch all across the country.  
There were my resolutions.  But what about the dessert?