Wanted: Part II

January 10, 2011
Wanted: Gobs of time to listen to my newly-discovered girl crush, Missy Higgins!
Wanted: A chip-less, shiny manicure that lasts forever
Wanted: A MIXER*
Wanted: This. right. here.  I've been lusting over it longer than I'd be comfortable to admit.
Wanted: 4.5 more hours of daylight
Wanted: An endless supply of my new favorite snack.

New favorite snack?

Why that would be dark chocolate peanut buttered apple slices! (Yes. Exit banana chips.  Enter slices o' apple.)
I found this Dark Chocolate Dreams from Peanut Butter & Co. at my regular grocery store.  I've been eyeing it for years and years and years! a long while now, and finally broke down yesterday to give it a try. 
Boy, am I glad I did.

*It's a true story.  I'm mixer-free and have been living that way for at least 3 months.  Yeah, there's no meringue being made in my kitchen.  The torture, I tell you.  I'm going to have to buy a cheapy hand-mixer.  :(

Peanut Butter Crunch Bars

My ideal weekend is always filled with equal parts fun and lazy.  And this weekend was a perfect example.  Saturday's highlight was the PBR at Madison Square Garden.  A rodeo in the middle of Manhattan?  What Texas girl could miss it?   Conversely, my Sunday was calm and uneventful.  Also lovely.

Well, almost uneventful.

Pete's not been feeling on top of the world lately, and has been rather snotty.  Not impertinent or arrogant.  Snotty, as in dirtied with nasal mucus. (Too much information than you care to hear read? Naaah...) Yack!  My challenge was to make a treat that didn't include dairy.  So here we have peanut butter crunch bars!  Be forewarned, this was a little dangerous...

I didn't photograph the actual process because it was too quick and really messy.  

What I do have is...