Wanted: Part III

January 26, 2011
Wanted:  a grocery store on the other side of my driveway because sometimes it's just too hard to get in the car...
Wanted:  another snow day tomorrow because I have just that much laundry to do
Wanted:  a visit to somewhere warm so I could wear this
Wanted:  an unending supply of my new favorite snack!
We should probably talk this one out even though it's obviously not complicated.  I'm a little defensive about this cheese because it happens to be my favorite and I've never met anyone who likes it.  Never.  Where are my fellow smoked gouda lovers?  
Brown rice cakes blanketed with a slice of smoked gouda and made warm and melty by a quick sit in the toaster oven.
Also, since it's snowing outside, a cup of hot chocolate is necessary.  I made mine with almond milk and figured I could whip it together in a flash with some chocolate syrup.  While checking the back of the bottle for any hint of gluten, I spotted HFCS listed as the very first ingredient.  No thanks.  I warmed the milk over the stove and instead, added some unsweetened cocoa powder, a handful of semisweet chocolate chips, and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.  

Now to snuggle in for some reading...