asparagus ribbon salad

July 26, 2011
Hello raw world.  Having personally followed a completely vegan and gluten-free diet for seven months (and counting), I feel like my eyes have been opened to another world of cooking. I've more recently become inspired by raw {un}cooking and am deeply in love.  Discovering and creating new foods is what I love, and after venturing into the raw vegan world, I must say that it's so much more than plain, bland salads and vegetables.
An amazing all-raw cafe here in South Austin (in which I am continually present now) serves up some earth-shattering-super-creative dishes.  An incredible "pizza," "burgers," and (my favorite!) chalupas are among some of the offerings.  I always hate for good meals like these to end, but with desserts like they have here, I'm anxiously awaiting my post-meal-sweet-fix!  Helllooooo chocolate cheesecake. 

Suffice to say, the raw vegan world is something that's exciting me and I'm hoping to share these adventures here (in addition to the regular cream and butter-filled oven-loves.)

Beets explained the raw diet clearly and concisely, which I now pass along...

Everyone knows it's healthy to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. That isn't a new concept. The raw food diet simply suggests that these foods should be most of what we eat. When you prepare fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds without cooking, you preserve the maximum nutrition in these foods.

You don't have to eat 100% raw or even be a vegetarian to get started. Anyone can enjoy improved health and vitality by eating at least 50% raw foods.

Raw and living foods feed your body and your cells with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other life-giving substances that cooking destroys. Some of the many benefits of eating a raw and living foods diet are:

Better digestion
More energy
Clearer eyes and smoother skin - the "Raw Glow"
Mental clarity and focus
Getting to and maintaining your ideal weight - without hunger
Optimal body pH balance
Stronger immune system
Emotional Balance
Eco-friendly Taste & Pleasure

I recently devoured my newest book, The Raw Truth, which provides a brief introduction to the raw foods diet and offers some mouthwatering raw recipes, which I can't wait to share.  For now, here's a salad that features shredded asparagus "ribbons" and mung beans that I sprouted myself!  Though, any sprout will do as a substitute.  I dressed it simply with a mixture of lemon juice, sesame oil, sea salt and minced onion.

Asparagus Ribbon Salad
(vegan, gluten-free, raw)
1 bunch asparagus, thinly shredded
baby spinach
mixed garden salad
1 avocado, sliced
mung bean sprouts
juice of one lemon
sesame oil
sea salt, to taste
minced onion, to taste

  1. Add asparagus, spinach and salad leaves in a large bowl.  Pour the juice of one lemon of the top and mix well.  Drizzle sesame over the top and add sea salt and onion.  Mix until well incorporated.  Garnish with sliced avocado.