in love {with austin}

July 28, 2011
Austin's skyline view from Zilker Park

Let me start by saying, I live in the best city in the world.  How I didn't get here sooner is beyond me.  I'm just so glad to be here now.   I hope my love affair with Austin isn't getting too obnoxious.  This city is just so cute and quirky, I can't even stand it.
I love to hop on Skeeter (<--yes, official name) and browse through local shops and farmers' markets and the plethora of amazing grocery store options surrounding me including the flagship Whole Foods, Central Market and Sun Harvest.  Beyond that, this city is filled with friendly folks and has amazing live music (duh!) everywhere I turn.  It's beautiful with an abundance of green space and it's so refreshing to be surrounded by people and a culture that value a healthy lifestyle.