nectarine-arugula salad

August 1, 2011
A new salad and a new self-painted plate!  The plate is an almost-hot mess, but the salad is a different story.
It's hot.  And I'm tired.  And tonight's dinner took a total of 2.5 minutes to prepare.
Perhaps it's my fried brain cells, but only one word comes to mind after eating everything on this plate.  I'm waaay over it (and you probably are, too) but... winning!
Today was my first day at my new job and nervous-me slept an unfortunate total of 3 hours because I was too antsy.  I'm a strange cat sometimes, I know.   
Because my overly-anxious, sleep-deprived and over-heated-self didn't feel like "cooking" with heat, I put together this delicious salad.  Spicy arugula is complemented nicely with these sweet nectarines I bought on sale yesterday.  Topped with some raw sunflower seeds, drizzled with lemon and olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt and you too will be on your way to salad bliss.  
I've been sipping these away on these triple-digit summer days.  This is my favorite kombucha brand and flavor.