November 29, 2011
Ultimate comfort food at it's finest, people.  I've been eyeing this joint for a few years now and hadn't made it in...until now.  Sarita's Mac & Cheese, or S'mac, located in the East Village, serves up the perfect mix of carbs and cheese in the most adorable cast iron skillets.  

As I understand it, the co-owner, Sarita actually has a gluten-intolerance herself, so you better bet they have the best gluten-free macaroni!  As if that weren't perfect enough, they offer a vegan cheese option as well, which suited my diet perfectly.   For all the regular folk, the menu is chock full of delux combos including a buffalo chicken and Parisienne or just build your own the way you like it.  
I'm counting the days until my return. 

In the meantime, I plan to whip up my own version and serve it after being broiled for that oh-so-delicious crunchy, cheesy top. 

345 East 12th Street (b/n 1st and 2nd Avenues; map)