the baker / cook / hostess :: gift guide 2011

December 6, 2011
1. Ikat Napkins, 2. Recipe Book, 3. Modernist Mugs, 4. Schmidt Brothers Downtown Block, 5. Cucina Measuring Cups, 6. The Art Of French Baking, 7. Rectangular Biscuit Tins , 8. Farmer's Egg Crate, 9. Ideal Bookshelf Print, 10. Littledeer Cooking Utensil Set

Golly gracious, the holidays are sneaking up on us.  You're right.  That's far from accurate because the beginning of Christmastime is anything but subtle what with the brightly lit green and red aisles in Target set up in October.  But it's likely that we reserve gift-buying down to the last minute and that's precisely why I'm here to help today.  I'd give my left thumb for any and all items on here, I swear. 

A porcelain egg crate? How have I gone this long in life without one? Maybe they're not all necessities, but I dare you to tell me they're not all adorable.