the holiday table :: olive wreath

December 16, 2011
So what will you be up to on this fine weekend ahead? 

Holiday shopping?   Baking?   Holiday-partying-your-face-off?  Digging around for a pair of pantyhose without a run in them?   I'm pretty sure those don't even exist.
If you happen to be entertaining (or even plan to be entertained for that matter) the perfect Holiday Table must include an olive wreath.  It's quick, simple and so darned festive.  There's no recipe, of course.  I simply gathered a bit of fresh holly and rosemary and shaped a wreath then plopped the assorted gourmet olives on top.  
If I were a guest at your party, I'll expect an olive wreath as anyone with standards should.  I'm kidding, I'm kidding...kind of.