the holiday table :: minted citrus salad

December 21, 2011
In these last few days before Christmas, I'm being scrupulously careful to remain on the good-list.  You may be asking why and I'm happy to tell you.

That would be because I've identified my one and only wish.  I want a pet piglet.

It all started earlier this week when I pinned a group of sweet piglets because of their overwhelming level of cute.  And now I have her name picked out and am dreaming of my future as a proud-potbelly-piggy-parent.  I'm hoping Santa will be up for some last-minute lap requests.
Speaking of fluffy laps, with all the sugary sweets that pad our hips and thighs during the holidays, I figure it's high time to include something...dare I say, healthy.  A minted citrus salad mixes all kinds and colors of citrus fruit and is not only pleasing to the eye, but to the waistline as well.  And did I mention, it's perfectly vegan and gluten-free? 
Simply choose a variety of citrus that may include naval oranges, mandarin oranges, traditional red and white grapefruit and peel and slice them.  Chiffonade fresh mint and sprinkle on top.  Presto!

No worries, we'll be back with our regularly scheduled dose of butter tomorrow...