whole wheat chocolate donuts

January 27, 2012
They're baked.  They're whole wheat.  And...um...doesn't chocolate have a nutrient here or there?  Of course it does.   Don't these donuts just scream 'healthy'?  Of course they do.  
If you agree, (which you should if you have a eyeballs and a hungry belly) hop on over to my Perfect Bite series to see more {whole wheat} donut details including the recipe!


Amy R. said...

Well, it is officially national chocolate cake day. I kinda missed it. I do believe these doughnuts would be considered cake:) Happy weekend!

Amy R.

Leslie said...

Jess, these look delicious and they are made with whole wheat so glad you said they scream healthy! Enjoy your weekend!

canvasofculture said...

haha just wonderful:) definitely looks like a must try

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