March 2, 2012

One of the many things I love about New York are the vast amounts of Cuban restaurants.  Cuban is one of my all-time favorite cuisines and I've settled on the fact that little in life is better than coconut rice and sangria.  There.  I said it.   Fancy-schmancy foods, step aside.  Set a gal up with rice made with coconut milk and connect a straw from her mouth to a pitcher of sangria & she'll be tickled pink.

So, fast forward to today's connection... (if you happen to follow me on Twitter), you may have seen that Cuban food has been on the brain as of late.

And then, as if God, Himself ordained it, right before my very eyes on Pinterest appeared a lovely photo (by a lovely 'Mochachocolata Rita') and then the rest was history.

There's no true "recipe" for sangria, which is fun.  I just chopped pears and strawberries, added it to ice with my favorite red wine mixed with my favorite ginger ale.

And now I've concluded that I can make sangria just as well as my beloved Cubanos...if not better.   So Austin, Texas, step up your Cuban game or don't.  I don't even have to go to New York for my sangria anymore.
Oh, and since you didn't ask, my favorite of all favorite Cuban restaurants lies (far out of the way) 
at E 12 St & Avenue C.  
It's a teeny-tiny, (website-less) hole-in-the-wall Cuban nook called Cafecito.  
You should go. 


london bakes said...

Woop, party time! When I was at university, we used to make sangria from a bottle of cheap red wine and some lemonade. Words cannot express how much better this looks!

Leah // Freutcake said...

I absolutely love sangria and this one looks especially tasty! Cheers to Sangria Fridays!

paola@love+cupcakes said...

This looks tasty! I love a good sangria on a hot summer day. New York does have an amazing selection of Cuban food, did you go to Cafe Habana? Their corn on the cob!!! (although, I think that may be a Mexican influence) If you love Cuban (one of my faves too), you should be in Miami! Now there's a town that knows its Cuban food.

Myra said...

This looks awesome! If you love Sangria, you must try Calle Ocho on West 81st Street. Barrels and barrels of all different flavors of Sangria that you can drink unlimited while you have brunch!! Great place for friends and family :)

Kelsey said...

GORGEOUS photos! I happen to agree with you on the sangria thing--it's definitely one of life's pleasures.

Jennifer said...

Wow, that first picture is so clever and cute. I don't know what's better: the recipe or the photos! Haha. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

onceuponarecipe said...

You are a woman after my own heart! I love me a good sangria. Better yet, I am going to be in NY at the end of April - I just might have to make a pit stop at this favorite Cuban restaurant of yours!

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