seared asparagus salad

March 28, 2012
To balance butter and sugar this week, I'm turning to the en vogue vegetable in my life... asparagus.  With a quick sear in a hot skillet, the asparagus is still perfectly crisp.  Tossed with fresh cherry tomatoes, basil, chickpeas, capers and a sprinkle of maldon salt all on a bed of baby spinach and, like me, this will surely become your springtime-go-to-salad.   

Seared Asparagus Salad

vegan, gluten-free

asparagus, chopped
cherry tomatoes 
basil, julienned  
chickpeas, cooked and drained 
red onion, finely chopped
maldon salt, to taste
baby spinach    
  1. Heat a skilled with olive oil over high heat.  Add chopped asparagus and sear approximately 3-4 minutes. Remove and let cool.
  2. Toss remaining ingredients with a turn of olive oil then add asparagus.  Serve over bed of spinach. 


ash bailey said...

alright i am going to eat that

Stefanie @ Sarcastic Cooking said...

Looks so simple and definitely a good balance for heavy sugar intake.

london bakes said...

Everything you post is just so *lovely* this salad included.

Cassie/Bake Your Day said...

Jess, this looks so awesome. I have been eating a lot of asparagus lately, 'tis the season!

amy @ fearless homemaker said...

asparagus is one of my go-to veggies, too, especially once we get grillin', because i love it grilled with just a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper + lemon. this salad is sooo my type of food - love the addition of the maldon salt!

SreeBindu said...

yummy and fresh =) though we don't find asparagus in my city!

Maria said...

I am in love with this salad!

Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious said...

Wow, this salad is incredible. I've never thought to add seared asparagus so I'm so incredibly excited to give this a try!

Jenny @ BAKE said...

Asparagus is one of my all time favourite veg! I can't wait to try this salad out!

Bradley said...

Just discovered your blog! So happy to know about it. New reader!

YuBalance said...

This looks awesome!! I have a Southern Living cookbook with a similar recipe, but wanted to find a reviewed version online before I bought all of the ingredients. Yours looks even better. I can't wait. Thanks, girl! Happy Thanksgiving. :)

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