Who doesn’t love going out on a camping trip? Being able to get outside in the fresh air for a night of fun with your closest friends and loved ones, it truly is an experience that everyone deserves to have. However, sometimes camping get a bit more uncomfortable than you originally intended. That’s why it’s time to incorporate all the comforts of home into your camping experience. Here are the best ways you can upgrade your trip from a camping experience to a luxury glamping experience.

What is Glamping? 

Normally when you go on a camping trip, you have to brace yourself for the great outdoors. There isn’t a bathroom or kitchen. Instead, you have a campfire and a tent. However, glamping is more for those who are looking for a way to get some comfort in the wilderness. Instead of a tent, you may choose to reside in a yurt, hut, tipi, a treehouse, eco-lodges or even a camper. It’s a great way to make yourself feel safe even if you are camping in the middle of the forest. You can still have your campfire and BBQ, it just means that once you’re done you can return to a comfy bed.

Who can I go Glamping with? 

You can go glamping with anyone that you want. As long as they are happy being out in the countryside then you will be good to go. You could take a boyfriend/girlfriend, friends or family or maybe even one of the hottest great portland street escorts now available for a date with you. It doesn’t matter. If they want to go glamping with you then you can just arrange the time and place to meet before you start on your journey.

The best DIY glamping ideas

So, now that you’ve picked your glamping spot and have decided who you’re going to go glamping with. Here are some of the best glamping tips to spruce up your trip

Tent Type

Now, one of the best things about glamping is designing your “room.” You don’t need to just go with the stereotypical tent look. Some people use blankets to create a fort, whilst others look online to look up unique tent types. Some glamping tents look like castles, others look like wooden huts, whilst others just choose bell tents that use a circler base to create more space for the users.

Make sure to also pick a lightly coloured tent to allow more sunlight to enter the room during the day. That way you can relax indoors whilst also getting your daily dose of vitamin c.

Glamping Beds

No one likes sleeping in a sleeping bag. It’s uncomfortable and can do a number on your neck if you don’t have a pillow. Even an air mattress doesn’t provide much comfort. That’s why it’s time for you to bring a real bed with you when you go glamping. IKEA sells small wooden bedframes that you can assemble in your tent. Then all you need is a small foldable mattress and a foam mattress pad. From there you can add your unique design to your bedroom by either painting it or adding hanging decorations. This can be in the form of hanging lights, beads or perhaps fancy nets. Make sure to add a few extra blankets to your bed. It can get pretty cold outside, so you need to make sure that you have enough to make sure you keep warm.

Cushions & Carpets

Whether you want to make your tent entirely into a sleeping area, or you have a large enough space to have a chill-out zone in it, make sure to bring a lot of cushions and carpets that you can snuggle upon. These are great for social areas where you can sit around indoors on comfortable pillows and just chill out. Make sure to get a good mixture of large & small cushions. That way you can have enough to lean and sit on during the evening. 

Storage Units

You are going to be so thankful for bringing storage trips on your trip. After all, you are going to have so many things you need to hang up and put away, such as snacks, kindling, cutlery or a medical kit. Make sure to bring some fold-up storage units that you can pull up to create more space. That way your glamping unit can remain neat and tidy for when you have company over.

Hanging Lights

As you know, when you are out in the wilderness you don’t exactly have access to electrical facilities. That means it’s extremely hard to light up your tent without a few camp lights. But why should you go with a boring camp light? Instead, why not pack some fairy lights or battery-powered lights that can give your tent a quirky, hipster feel. If you pick coloured lights then you can create a soft atmosphere that will help you relax. However, if you prefer to have white lights then this will be good for evening reading lighting. Just pick a style that suits your theme and start hanging them around the poles of your tent, or by hooking them to the fabric itself.


Whether you want to go with a rural wood top theme or just want some pretty colourful tables, you will need some fold up platforms to use for dining, reading, studying or for just placing your objects. You can also place candles, lights or air fresheners on the table. If you feel like being fancy, you can even put little trays of food on them to snack on if you are feeling hungry.

Are you ready to go glamping? 

There’s nothing more fun than camping out under the stars. However, this experience can only be enhanced if you can return to a comfortable bed afterwards. You will love being able to glamp in style with your friends. Get a big enough tent and you will find that all of your friends and loved ones can probably stay over and chill out. That way you can get a good mix of fresh air and privacy. What do you love most about glamping? Let us know below!