Engagement Ring

Weddings can be the most important day of a person’s life, and proposing with the ideal engagement ring is the perfect way to start the preparations. However, when it comes to navigating the world of engagement ring shopping, it can be easy for newcomers to get overwhelmed.

After all, there are thousands of jewelers, cuts, prices, and more that goes into play when finding one unique ring in the world to suit your bride. This guide below will outline the most important pieces of advice to consider when shopping.

Understanding Differences in Diamonds

The stone is the center of the ring, and as such, should be chosen after careful consideration.

Four factors that differentiate one diamond from another would be the color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. The less color a diamond has, makes it more rare and of course, more expensive.

The cut of the diamond affects how it sparkles in the light, and the clarity considers the blemishes and impurity. On the other hand, the cut determines the shape of the diamond such as a marquise, square, and oval. Finally, the carat weight is how heavy and large the diamond is.

Perhaps talk with your partner or some of her close friends to determine which style suits her the best.

Designing the Band

The next step is deciding how the band should look, and there are multiple options for this, from getting side stones to the quality of the band itself. Most metals for wedding rings are platinum, gold, or silver.

Platinum must be alloyed with other metals as it is soft on its own, and gold can come in many colors such as white gold or rose gold.

In addition, side stones such as channel or pave sets could add a new level of sophistication to the ring. It is essential to recognize that the ring is for the bride, and as such, should match her style.

Determining the Setting of the Stone

The setting is the method by which a diamond is held in place on the ring, and if chosen correctly, will both serve as protection from damage as well as emphasizing the stone. The first possibility is a prong setting, thin pieces of metal that secure the sides of the diamond.

The second possibility is a bezel when a small metal piece is pushed around the diamond to keep it still. The metal can be made from gold or an assortment of options to match the ring.

Finally, there is the option of a halo, where smaller diamonds will be around the center one.


The most important tip to keep in mind when shopping for rings is that it is crucial to choose a style that suits the bride.

Rings are going to be used for day to day wear, so picking one that is sturdy and well built is a necessity, making the jeweler’s work even more critical.

It is best to go to a trusted brand, and as such, surprising your bride with one of the many Michael Authur engagement rings is always an option. Best of luck to those shopping for rings!