concert tips

Most music lovers adore the idea of going to concerts – you get to see your favorite acts perform live and spend time with new people. It has been estimated that the live performance industry is worth billions. Needless to say, many people go to concerts every year.

As much as concerts can be a place of fun and joy, they can also be dangerous. This is because many people are put in a relatively small space with heavy electrical equipment. That is why you must be conscious of your safety when going to a concert, particularly if it is far from where you live.

Use Earplugs

When people go to concerts, they do so to enjoy live music from acts that they love. However, because concerts involve a large number of people, the sound is extremely loud, and prolonged exposure to such levels of sound can, at best, cause discomfort and at worst, lead to long-term conditions like tinnitus.

When going to a concert, take earplugs with you and make use of them, especially if you are located near the stage or speakers. These will allow you to hear and enjoy the music while making sure that the sound does not overwhelm you. If you are going with other people, encourage them to make use of earplugs as well as this can save you a lot of discomfort.

Research the Location

Before you even book your ticket on TicketSmarter for a concert, conduct some research on the concert location. Go online and check the safety rating of the location. Then, go to the location’s website and take a look at their seating plan and take note of where your seat is as well as where the nearest emergency exit is located. This will come in handy if there is any need to leave suddenly. Also, search for the nearest hospital or emergency services to the location and store their phone number.

Keep Emergency Items on Hand

No one hopes to be in an emergency situation but nevertheless, they occur and it is best to have emergency items on hand when going to a concert.

Have a phone with you and if you are going to a place that might have poor reception, consider this to ensure that you can get connected at all times. If you suffer from a condition such as asthma or diabetes, keep your medicine in hand just in case. If the concert is at night, have items like a small flashlight to help you see.

Safety in Numbers

As much as possible, try to attend concerts in a group so as to ensure increased safety. Also, have at least one person you know be aware of where you are going to the concert and what time it is. Send occasional updates to them so that they are aware of your location.

Concerts can be as dangerous as they are enjoyable. Take the above steps to guarantee your safety as you enjoy your music.