How to Gamble

To the untrained eye, gambling at the casino seems to depend principally on chance. Most people tend to assume that making more money than you lose has more to do with the hand that you are dealt rather than real skill. However, if this is the case, how is it possible that some people actually manage to make a living out of beating the house? As any professional gambler will tell you, the secret is a mixture of experience, quick thinking and making the effort to learn the tricks of the trade. 

In acknowledgment of the research that goes into making a top gambler, we have decided to help you on your way to becoming gambling expert by providing some of the best resources for learning to gamble out there today. Read on to find out more. 

1. Podcasts

Without doubt, one of the best resources for learning to gamble is the podcast. We would like to personally recommend the Vital Vegas pod, the Two Morons Talking Casinos and Stuff pod and the Jeff Does Vegas pod. Each of these quality productions is run by some of the most respected names in the casino gambling world. The beauty of them is that you can listen along to help you hone your games as you play live dealer casino games.

2. YouTube

The internet has brought about a revolution in educational possibilities. One of the ways that you can learn basic gambling strategy as well as the most up-to-date tricks being used by the top gamblers is by checking out the many excellent YouTube tutorials that are now available for free online. In these tutorials, some of the world’s most experienced poker, blackjack and baccarat players share their knowledge to help you turn your gambling hobby into profit.

3. Books

There have been many great books on gambling that have been published down the years. Among our personal favorites are titles are John Scarne’s Complete Guide to Gambling, Peter Svoboda’s Beating the Casinos at Their Own Game, and Michael Craig’s The Professor, the Banker and Suicide King. Each of these fabulous books looks to endow the novice gambler with the tricks and strategies to start winning big. 

4. Courses

Perhaps our favorite online gambling resources are the myriad of courses offered by e-learning sites like Udemy. Here, you will find a number of free and paid courses designed to get learners up to speed with the latest strategies for casino gambling. Check out the website today to find a course that suits your individual needs and a fast-track to winning big at your preferred games.

Gambling at a casino need not be the mystery that most amateur gamblers automatically assume that it is. If you spend just a little bit of time learning the theory that underpins many of the most popular games, you can dramatically increase your chances of winning. Cash earnings are only just around the corner when you know what you are doing at the card table.