Kids love Easter much more than adults. It’s one of those few times a year that they’re guaranteed a present, and often they’re promised one. Well, there are plenty of gifts to choose from for a child, but the most important factor is that the gift needs to be fun. No kid wants to open their present with a sour look on their faces, so best not to disappoint the child who is so anxiously waiting for the present.

Having understood this condition, we have some excellent Easter Gifts for Kids. They are as follows:

Lego Set

Kids love Lego, period. One of the best gateways towards the world of creativity, Lego sets open a child’s mind to all sorts of creative and practical ideas. While every set comes with a theme, they don’t have to be followed to the letter, as the blocks can be used to build anything and everything. On top of that, the sets are completely family friendly, and can be used for very fun family sessions where everyone gathers around and builds something unique.

Board Games

As a whole, board games are a lot of fun for everybody. Similar to the Lego sets, they can be used by the whole family, but unlike the famous building blocks, some of the board games require creativity from the start, while others encourage learning and solving puzzles, as well as teamwork. Depending on the age of the child, there are plenty of different board games with varying difficulty, but once they start playing, fun is absolutely guaranteed.


Many children, these days, are exposed to wonderful stories from every medium, and encouraging them to further their interest in stories can be an amazing investment in their future. Books are a great way to both educate and entertain their developing minds, but just make sure to pick a book that is suitable for a child. Just don’t be surprised that they won’t stop reading books.

Easter Baskets

If there’s one thing that every child loves, then that’s sweets. Stuffing a big Easter basket with the best sweets imaginable must feel like heaven to any child, and you can be sure they’ll be extremely thankful for such a wonderful treat and present. Kids are known for not being picky when it comes to sweets, so go all-in when picking sweets, only make sure to not over-do it.

Combinations, combinations

Every parent loves their children and seeing them happy makes the parent content. A great way to bring a little extra joy to the child’s life is to combine a few gifts here and there into one big gift. To create the perfect package, make sure to check out the Easter craft activities for kids section over at The Works, and you might just have the perfect idea for an Easter gift for your child.

Colouring Books

Children always need to have their imagination expressed, and colouring books are an excellent way to do that. Besides their imaginations, their artistic skills might develop as well, and that might lead them to become creative people. All thanks to the wonderful presents that you as a parent have given them.