Bong or Pipe: Which is Better for Beginners?

So it’s time to buy a little treat for yourself. But which do you choose? Bong or pipe?

Newcomers to smoking marijuana or CBD may be overwhelmed while they’re making this decision. Do you smoke a joint, bong, or pipe?

While every new smoker should learn to roll a joint, we’re here to help you decide which type of glass smoking device is right for you. Whether you’re choosing a bong (or water pipe) or a dry pipe, both are great options.

Keep reading to learn all about what to choose when it comes to a bong vs pipe.

Pros and Cons of a Dry Pipe

Many newbies start with dry pipes. They’re easy to find and they come in all kinds of fun shapes and colors, making them a “fun” option.

These pipes tend to be the most affordable option. They’re cheaper than bongs but they still pack a punch. They’re also sturdier and easier to use.

Pipes are easy to hide if you aren’t comfortable with your paraphernalia being out and about for everyone to see. They fit into small boxes, under a bed, or anywhere else that’s free from prying eyes.

Pipes sometimes have a rougher hit than bongs if you’re not used to using them. They also hold less marijuana than bongs and they may not be as good for large parties.

Pipes can be hard to clean due to the narrow shaft as well, though you can learn how to get them clean the easy way with enough practice.

Pros and Cons of a Bong

Bongs are popular amongst smokers. They’re aesthetically pleasing, great for parties, and they make smoking smoother and easier as long as you use clean water and ice.

Bongs are sometimes more breakable than pipes, but if you use high-quality glass, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Read this soft glass article to learn about how some glass types are better than others.

Bongs are difficult to clean, but if you keep up with cleaning after every session, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Bongs are sometimes intimidating for beginners because they hit harder and it’s more difficult to gauge how much smoke you’re getting until it hits you.

While bongs tend to be bigger, there are several types of bongs, so this isn’t always true. Some bongs are small enough to fit in a shoebox or a drawer in your nightstand. Others are so large that they need an entire corner of your room!

Bong or Pipe: Which Is Better for You?

Due to the lower cost, smaller size, and more predictable hit, we think that pipes are better for beginners. You can always buy a bong later on once you know how you can handle your marijuana.

That said, bongs are still a great option. If you want to dive in headfirst and share your stash with friends, a small bong might work for you as well. Whether you choose a bong or pipe, you’ll have a good experience.

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