Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, is an island country located in the India Ocean. A land of many elephants, endless beaches, flavourful teas, and lush forests, Sri Lanka is the quintessential tropical pleasure dome. Camping is a relatively newer concept in Sri Lanka, but surrounding yourself amidst the mountains, riverside villages, or the jungles sounds like one holiday that we don’t want to miss. Plan a vacation to Sri Lanka and go the adventurous way.

Sleeping in the wild – Camping destinations in Sri Lanka

Gal Oya National Park

Home to the biggest man-made lake in Sri Lanka, the Senanayake Samudraya, Gal Oya National Park has many boat safaris and jeep safaris that will take you right in the heart of the jungle. Camping is popular here with a range of accommodations to choose from, be it the traditional mud huts, or boutique lodges. For those who love the wilderness, a day spent here will treat you to many virescent hues, and maybe a sight of elephants swimming in the river.

Yala National Park

Use this trip planning tool to make sure your planning is as fun as the trip itself. One of the best national parks in Sri Lanka, Yala National Park is the symphony of nature that is calling out to you. A former hunting ground to the elite from the British Raj, Yala has a high concentration of many animal and bird species. Many luxury camps are cropped in the area in recent times.

Knuckles Mountain Range

A UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka, Knuckles Mountain Range is home to many dense forests and tea plantations. The park has many eco-lodges and tents where you can wake up to the sweet jungle fragrance each morning. Formed by impressive mountain scenery and many indigenous flora and fauna, Knuckles Mountain Range is indeed a national treasure. Belihuloya River Camping

A village and a prominent wet-zone, Belihuloya has an array of moist semi-evergreen forests. Take a boat down the river that passes through the deep jungles and listen to the sounds of noise of the birds. The park has many rocky pools that are perfect for bathing. Be it the individual chalets, or riverside huts, there are many options to choose from. Activities such as canoeing and trekking are popular here.

Sinharaja Rainforest

Sinharaja Forest Reserve has many nature trails where no one would disturb your privacy, except for a pair of jungle birds maybe. The forest is tranquil and peaceful, with slanting trees over your head, and placid waters of the mighty aquatic world. A popular place for camping, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a hilly rainforest with numerous camping sites.

The best way to observe the complexities of the nature is by diving right into the centre of action. And Sri Lanka has plenty of such opportunities for you.