For many of those living in a post-pandemic world, relatively simple measures, such as sanitizing and wearing masks, have become tedious chores. While masks have been proven effective at preventing the transmission of COVID-19, they can become itchy, hot, and wet after extended use. This minor annoyance has almost certainly prevented a large number of people from getting outdoors or working out at the same frequency that they might have previously. If you have reduced your workouts because of quarantine restrictions, know that there are things you can do to make your workouts more comfortable. From comfort bicycles to solo exercises, here are some ways to stay excited about exercising:

Do Simple Calisthenics at Home or at the Park

Perhaps the most enjoyable benefit of working out at home is that you can wear anything you want. When you go to the park, your clothing options are more limited, but you are still likely to find ways to distance yourself from others. Everyone should know a few basic workouts that can be done entirely without gym equipment. Pushups, burpees, yoga poses, squats, lunges, and other simple exercises can easily be combined to form full workouts that target critical muscle groups and make you feel accomplished.

Take Your Bike Away From the Crowds

Riding far away from others can give you a much-needed opportunity to take off your mask and breathe some fresh air. Many cities and towns have designated bike areas, and these are perfect for biking away from crowds. If you live a little too far from decent bike routes, consider looking for electric cruiser bikes that can save you energy on your ride, allowing you to travel farther.

Get Comfortable

Just because you have to wear a mask doesn’t mean that you have to wear uncomfortable clothes or ride an uncomfortable bike. Think about your workout gear as an investment in your health. The better you feel while you exercise, the more you will want to exercise in the future. There is currently a vast selection of workout clothing on the market for every imaginable niche. Just choose the outfit that works best for your planned activities, and you will soon forget you are even wearing a mask. If you plan on biking, look for a comfort bike that allows you to sit upright on a relatively comfortable seat.

Take an Online Class

The world is adapting quickly to pandemic conditions. Many gyms and online channels now host workouts that you can follow along with at home. While you may initially find it moderately difficult to motivate yourself to work out at home, the self reliance you will develop when you finally do will remain with you for the rest of your life.

The modern world is changing rapidly in response to conditions that few people expected to arise. While it is easy to become depressed and sedentary while social distancing, take this opportunity to prove your resilience to yourself and others. Look online for comfortable cruiser bikes for women or men. Find a youtube fitness channel with a present you feel excited to listen to. Remember, you are what you do repeatedly.