First things first, when choosing your bathroom flooring, you need to make sure that the material you choose is waterproof, or water-resistant. There are several reasons behind this. 

For starters, if your bathroom is on the top floor of your home, any water that seeps through the flooring could result in a leak which might damage your property. Secondly, the more porous your flooring, the more unhygienic it will be, as this could trap bacteria and allow cultures to grow. Bearing in mind that bathrooms are so damp and often have an excess of water on the floor, this could also lead to a mould problem. 

By choosing water-resistant materials, you can easily mop away this excess water, preventing mould or accidents from occurring. 

It Needs to be Durable

If you want your bathroom flooring to look good for longer, then you should also invest in a durable material. Rather than choosing the option that offers the cheapest outlay initially, it’s important to look for the most hard-wearing flooring, as this will prove far more cost-effective in the long run.  

Look for scratch-resistant material which can withstand foot traffic without losing its appearance and that doesn’t crack or dent easily, either. These are the general rules of thumb for flooring.

What Flooring Works Best in Bathrooms?

Now, you are probably wondering which specific types of flooring are best for bathrooms. Well, things like untreated wooden floorboards and carpet are a no-go, as carpets absorb too much moisture and wood is susceptible to rot. Instead, we recommend materials like water-resistant laminates and vinyl click flooring. 

Water-resistant laminate is almost entirely waterproof and has a special coating that prevents it from swelling. Meanwhile, vinyl click flooring (also known as LVT) is completely waterproof, plus it’s usually softer and warmer than laminate whilst remaining incredibly durable. Browse a selection of bathroom flooring here at to see some of the best and most beautiful styles available. 

Think About Grip

Finally, you should also look for bathroom flooring which has a good grip. If you have young children, this is a priority. Tiled floors are especially dangerous, being slick and smooth. Any water on them could lead to a nasty accident. Instead, look for materials which are slightly textured for better grip or water-resistant so excess water can be quickly mopped away.

These are the main things that you need to look out for when buying new bathroom flooring for your home. Follow our advice to ensure your bathroom is both practical and stylish.