If you are someone who does not get outside all that often other than for work and such necessities, why is that?

For some, work or a lack of fun and interesting activities outside can lead them to be a homebody.

That said is it time you got back in touch with nature?

What Are Your Outdoor Options?

In looking to get back in touch with nature, here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Heading out into the ocean to see whales – Have you ever been whale watching up to this point in your life? If the answer is no, why not give it a try sooner than later? You could opt for whale watching tours by Captain Dave or another such service. No matter which tour provider you end up with, expect to have a good time. Not only are you out on the open water and enjoying the waves, but you also see some quite interesting mammals. Since not all get to see whales migrating off the California coast, you are fortunate.
  2. Hike in mountains or desert – When last did you strap on hiking boots and headed off for adventures hiking? Not only is the scenery of trees and rock formations quite interesting, so too can be the animals you may spot. Now, this does not mean you want to run into a bear face-to-face. Always be sure to do some research on the prospective wildlife you may encounter where you hike. Also, pick the right time of year for a hike. The last thing you want to do is go hiking in the dead of winter or in the middle of summer. Extreme weather conditions can not only make the hike not much fun, but you also could be in danger. Make sure a hike has comfortable clothing, solid shoes, bottled water, a first aid kit, a compass, and a cell phone. Although reception can be hard to get at times in such areas, you want the device with you nonetheless.
  3. Trekking over to the nearest zoo – No, animals in confined areas is not the same as when free to roam in natural spots. That said seeing wildlife at the zoo can be both fun and educational. If you have children, this is a great opportunity for you to show them a wide array of animals. In doing so, they should end up being more appreciative of all the different species of animals out there.
  4. Overnight or weekend camping trip – Has it been a while since you last camped? A better question is have you ever gone camping? Either way, camping can be a great opportunity to see nature up close and personal. Much like if hiking in the mountains, be cognizant of weather and wildlife when deciding to pitch a tent. Since you will be camping on the ground in most cases, make sure your tent is as bug-proof as possible. The last thing you will want is waking up to bugs on you or getting into your food supplies. Also, use your childhood experiences if you went off to summer camp for some years ago. These skills can come in handy years later.

As you look to get back in touch with nature, where will your travels take you?