Great Tips and Advice for Moving Regionally 

How do Regional removals work in Australia?

With more people working from home, moving Regional has never been more popular. Choosing a Regional Removalist in Australia is essential to ensure the best outcome for your move and to make it as stress free as possible. It is important to obtain clear and transparent quotes to ensure there are no hidden surprise costs during your Regional move. 

Ensure your Regional removalist is committed to your moving date but flexible should any issues come up along the way. It is important your Regional Removalist is respectful and values your goods during the moving process. It can be beneficial to get more than 1 moving quote so you have clear comparisons. Testimonials are very helpful when choosing which Regional Removalist you choose this will give you an idea of their experience and professionalism. 

Allow extra time when packing for your Regional Move

It is important when moving regionally to take the time to sort through all your goods. It can be a good time to dispose of any items you no longer use or the family may have grown out of, these items may include old trampolines, BBQs or outdoor furniture no longer used. Any large items no longer required can be disposed of via a hard rubbish collection. Smaller items you no longer need, can be bagged and sent to charity stores, items like clothes, books, pots and pans etc.

You will also need to decide if your Regional Removal Company will supply boxes and pack for you or if you will do the packing, this will need to be clarified in your quote. Labelling boxes with items and room names will make the moving process run smoothly. Prior to the packing stage it is important to discuss and note any large, oversized or precious items you have with you Regional Removalist.

How much does a Regional Removalist Cost?

Costs for your Regional Move will depend on the distance you are moving, the number of items (who is packing and unpacking), packing materials, transport costs and insurance costs. By obtaining quotes you can compare these for the best price for your Regional Move.

Costs factors for your Regional Move may include:

  • Size of truck required
  • Staff and labour required
  • Distance and time to your location
  • Equipment required for your move (over sized items or house access)

Regional moving quotes ultimately depend on the size of your property and travel time between the move. Competitive moving costs can be compared at 

Great tips for moving Regionally

  • Choose a professional Regional Removalist with positive testimonials
  • Understand your Regional Removalists insurance policy both for your gods and for transport
  • Establish if your quote includes costs for boxes, packing, unpacking, insurance and transport. 
  • Discuss possible discounts for choosing an off peak time to do your Regional Moving day
  • Hiring moving materials from websites such as The Box Rental Company can save you money. 
  • Research storage facilities in case you are required to store items along the way.
  • Ensure boxes are not overloaded and reinforce them with tape on the bottom.
  • Keep a list of inventory items for your Regional Move.
  • Dispose of any large items you no longer require.
  • Advise your removalist of oversized items and unassemble any large items that will move easier.
  • Ensure the removalist’s truck are well serviced and have appropriate transport strapping and blankets for a smooth transportation.
  • Ensure your utility suppliers are advised of your required disconnection and re connection.
  • Obtain home insurance and home and contents prior to moving to your new regional home.
  • Make sure your removalist is aware of any quarantine laws and regulations between different areas. regulations.

Selecting the best Regional removalist is so important in ensuring the best out come for you. Using Ezzy Quotes can make this process run smoothly.

Simple steps for Regional removals quotes in Australia include the below:

  1. Enter your to and from address
  2. Provide basic details of the job like how many rooms and the date you would like to hire removalists
  3. Provide a detailed inventory list of the items you would like to move
  4. Provide your contact details so the removals suppliers can contact you with competitive quotes
  5. Wait for the quotes to come in. 

Regional Removals quotes are easy to obtain with 3 to 4 suppliers providing quotes within the hour of submitting your job.