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Have you recently suffered the death of a parent? If so, then you’re going through a very universal experience.

After all, everyone on earth comes into this world with two parents, and at some point, you feel the pain of losing both of them. This is an unfortunate reality of life.

Another reality of life is the fact that everyone goes through the grieving process differently. The important thing to remember is that there’s no wrong way to grieve, only ways to find comfort so in order to reduce the pain if only a little.

This article takes a look at advice for coping with the pain of losing a parent. Keep reading to discover insight into handling grief during a very challenging time in your life. 

Share Memories With Those Around You

One of the best ways to begin the healing process is to talk about the person you’ve lost. This includes sharing memories of them.

Every relationship is filled with a wide range of memories, both good and bad, funny and sad, including moments that will make you cry and laugh. That’s why it’s so important to reminisce about treasured moments that not only help keep their memory alive but also help to reduce the pain you’re experiencing.

Sharing memories with family and friends will also help you feel closer to those around you, especially when you haven’t seen each other in recent years.

Allow Yourself to Feel the Pain

It’s not uncommon for people to try to run from the pain they feel inside. After all, there’s nothing pleasant about hurting from the pain of loss.

And yet it’s important to allow yourself to truly feel the pain you’re experiencing. This is a normal and natural part of life. Keep in mind that you are hurting because you miss having that person in your life. That’s what happens when you love someone and then they are gone, you miss them because you loved them and that love doesn’t simply go away when they die.

When you face your pain, you quickly realize that there’s nothing to fear. The pain isn’t scary, it simply reminds you of the absence of the person you love. It might not be pleasant, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. Just remember that the pain will slowly fade over time, and you will continue to miss your parent for the rest of your life, but you’ll eventually understand how to treasure your memories of them without experiencing the same level of pain.

Forgive Them

The experience of losing a parent can cause complicated emotions. After all, this was one of the two people who gave you life. They were the first to show you love, protect you, and introduce you to the mysteries of the world.

You might be surprised to discover a number of different feelings, including anger and resentment. That’s because you might feel abandoned, and because of this, you will blame them for causing this pain. It’s very common to feel resentment when you lose a parent. Old wounds might be reopened, and you’ll remember things you might have forgotten long ago.

It’s important to make an effort to forgive your parents as soon as possible. Try to let go of old rifts that might have come between you. 

Just keep in mind that you might feel the impulse to hold on to the anger and resentment as a way of holding onto them. But the only way to begin to heal from the pain of your loss is to make peace with them so that you can move on with your life.

Embrace Your Loved Ones

It’s also important to remain aware of the fact that you aren’t going through this experience alone. Your loved ones have the same feelings of loss.

This includes your siblings, extended family, friends, and perhaps the surviving parent who is still with you. It’s a tough time for everyone, thus it’s important to reach out and comfort one another and to make an effort to get through this moment together.

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Allow Yourself to Be Comforted

The pain of loss is difficult to cope with. It’s an uncomfortable feeling. Thus you will likely feel the impulse to stay strong, or at least put on a happy face in an effort to make everyone think you are doing better than you actually are.

This is a mistake many make. It’s important to allow yourself to be comforted by those in your life who know you are hurting. There’s no reason to push people away. You will find that accepting the loving embrace of a friend or family member can provide a moment of catharsis that is extremely healthy for both of you.

Understand that Your Feelings are Valid

Another reason you might attempt to resist feeling the pain of life is the feeling of shame. But the pain that comes with loss is perfectly natural. In fact, it’s perhaps the most universal of all human experiences. 

Remember to Take Care of Yourself

Following the loss of a parent, don’t neglect yourself. Remember to eat, try to get plenty of sleep, and be kind to yourself and remember that the fact that they’re gone isn’t your fault.

Join a Grief Support Group

You should also consider joining a grief support group. This is a great opportunity to share your story, talking about your pain, and listen to others share their experiences and how they are trying to cope.

Do Something Special to Commemorate Them

Doing something in your parent’s memory is useful for speeding up the healing process. It can be something as simple as taking flowers to their grave on special occasions or adopting their pet. 

A Guide to Coping with the Grief Caused By the Death of a Parent

Losing a loved one is never easy. Fortunately, this guide to dealing with the death of a parent will help make a difficult experience a bit less painful.

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