How to Plan the Perfect Florida Wedding During COVID

There are over two million weddings in the U.S every year, which shows we’re a nation of romantics.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has thwarted many of our wedding plans, it’s still possible to tie the knot in an elaborate ceremony. Perhaps you’re nervous about event planning because you’re unsure whether there are any restrictions.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to plan the ultimate wedding in Florida during the pandemic.

Find the Perfect Venue

Whether you’re getting married in Key West or Marco Island, you must find the perfect place for the event. To adhere to COVID-19 guidelines, browse Florida venues with a large outdoor space, regardless of group size.

In the Sunshine State, you’re spoiled for choice whether you want the wedding in a botanical garden, boat, or on the beach. Try and have the entire event outdoors and only move inside if it rains or gets too cold for guests. But even then, keep all the windows and doors open so there’s plenty of ventilation.

Once you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding venue, read the contract so you understand the cancellation and rescheduling policy. Will you lose your deposit or can you transfer your wedding to a new date? As a general rule, find a venue that has a flexible contract so you’re guaranteed a fabulous wedding, even if it’s at a later time.

Dress for the Occasion

It’s still possible to have an exciting experience while shopping for wedding attire. Many designers let brides rent dresses for several days so they can try them on at home and see which one is the best fit. The groom can do the same with his tux.

And don’t forget to video call loved ones for a second opinion!

Prepare Your Guest List

You’ve got a huge list of things to do in Florida to keep everyone entertained, so now invite your loved ones. As restrictions fluctuate, limit the guest attendance so you don’t have to uninvite friends and family should an outbreak happen. And tell older relatives that you understand if they can’t come as it could potentially put them at risk.

If you are reducing the guest list, make sure the venue offers live streaming so anyone who can’t attend can still use sites not registered with Gamstop with you.

Invite Your Guests

When you plan an event, the best part is easily inviting your guests.

Send out save-the-date invites so everyone can get excited and clear their calendars. Note, couples who are having a themed wedding should incorporate it into their wedding invites for a cohesive look. Further, if you’re having an intimate ceremony, gift a welcome package with a stylish mask, a small vial of sanitizer, and a handwritten thank-you note, saying you appreciate them attending your big day.

As a general rule, send invites six weeks before the big day, and ask everyone to RSVP three weeks prior. If guests are traveling to Florida for the wedding, organize accommodation for them so they have a safe, clean place to stay.

Contact Vendors

One of the top event planning tips is to contact reliable vendors. You’ll need caterers, a florist for your wedding decor, and someone to officiate your wedding. Take your time choosing vendors by checking their past work and contacting previous clients so you know they’re reliable.

You should also ask whether the vendor is available for a later date, in case you must reschedule. Most understand the risk and will offer flexibility so you have peace of mind.

Plan the Seating Arrangement

Florida events must coincide with COVID-19 regulations, such as creating socially distanced space. During regular times, your besties would be at a table with close relatives so everyone can catch up and celebrate together.

But now, you must be responsible for the seating arrangement at your wedding. Swap buffets to sit-down meals and keep six places on each table maximum.

Further, create a guest check-in table where your loved ones can access masks, hand sanitizer, and receive a program for the event.

Choose Your Wedding Entertainment

Decide whether you want your first dance to a DJ set or your favorite tribute band. To keep everyone safe, divide the outdoor dance floor into sections so everyone can boogie without encroaching on anyone’s personal space.

You should also keep the music volume down so guests can hear one another without getting too close. Further, depending on the venue, everyone may need to keep their masks on while dancing or when they’re out of their seats.

Consider Your Wedding Insurance

Many couples get wedding insurance to protect their ceremony and reception. This is so you get reimbursed if either is canceled or a family member falls ill. And because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s sensible to get cover in case there’s an outbreak.

But before making the purchase, check which elements of your wedding are covered. If you’re unsure, shop around and contact the insurer with any queries.

Our Event Planning Tips

Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re ready to flex your event planning skills.

Start by finding your dream venue in Florida and create a realistic guest list so they adhere to coronavirus restrictions. Vendors must offer you flexibility and help you create a COVID-secure environment. Happy planning!

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