Acadia National Park

The US has a total of 59 National Parks but most tend to go to the most known ones. This means that they will always be busy, which isn’t always a bad thing but there are a few wonders that aren’t so well known or visited. Below you will find 3 National Parks that we recommend while you are visiting the United States.

Glacier National Park (Montana)

The Glacier National Park is a must for hiking enthusiasts. There are over 700 miles of trails to explore and you won’t be disappointed. Visitors will see some of the most breath-taking views while exploring and not only that, but there is a boardwalk will allow visitors to explore the ancient hemlock rainforest.

The park itself is over 1 million acres and is home to two sub-ranges of the Rocky Mountains, hundreds of animal species and a ton of plant species. Therefore, there is something for all of the family.

If this sounds like a National Park you would like to visit, there are companies that can take you on a tour of the Glacier Park including bus tours and even boat tours (boat tours take place on selected lakes. Check tour sites for more info).

Acadia National Park (Maine)

Each year, it is reported that more than 3.3 million people visit the Acadia National Park.

This is because it is home to a total of 26 peaks, seven of the 26 being over 1000 feet tall, and 120 miles of stunning trails.

When visiting the Acadia Park, the views are said to be spectacular. Not only that, but there will never be a dull moment when exploring. Visit the granite peaks, the gorgeous sand filled beaches, the 45 miles of carriage road or even the four lighthouses.

For those visiting who are wildlife enthusiasts, it will depend on the time of year. However, it has been said that you might get to see red squirrels, black bears and on occasions, whales just off the coast. But that’s not all, there is a ton of species that live in and around the beautiful Acadia Park.

Haleakala National Park (Maui)

The Haleakala Park is definitely a National Park you need to visit whilst visiting the US. Not only is it a beautiful park, but it is home to some endangered species, some of which can only be seen here.

The main activity that bring people to the Haleakala Nation Park is the sunrise and sunset. Visitors will regularly climb their way to the top of the ridge to get a glimpse of the phenomenon. If you aren’t much of a hiker or climber, you will have the option to drive to the ridge in time to view the sunrise and sunset. However, the National Park Service have stated the drive is not for the feint hearted as the road is narrow, unlit and takes approximately 1.5 hours to reach the summit. However, once at the top, the views are truly spectacular and worth the time and money.

Hopefully our recommendations have helped you out and visiting a National Park is on your schedule. Please read more about the National Parks online as some may be suitable for all ages but some may not be. However, there are a total of 59 to choose from and many of them will have guided tours that you can join. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your National Park trip now and you will definitely not be disappointed.