Almost half of Americans say that dating has gotten significantly harder in the last 10 years! This statistic was published even before the almost impossible dating landscape of the COVID world. 

You’d think dating in 2021 would be easier because there are so many online apps available. And yet, it’s harder! It’s both harder to connect online, and now with COVID, it’s harder to connect in person too.

Many people are saying that COVID ruined dating, but actually, it’s just asking us to adapt and find new ways to romance each other. If you’re having trouble dating during COVID, read on. We’ll be discussing the top dating advice in 2021. 

1. Do: Show Interest

Zoom dates make it harder to show interest, and with a face mask, it can be harder to emote. Compensate for this by working hard on showing your interest in what your date is saying. 

Use verbal cues and nod periodically to show you’re actively listening to what your partner is saying. Maintain eye contact, and lean forward to show you’re engaging in the conversation. 

2. Don’t: Be Late!

Think about it like this – every minute you’re late, is a minute your date is thinking about how inconsiderate you are. Starting the date with the weight of that assumption is a hard barrier to overcome.

During COVID, dating is difficult so we have to be selective and intentional about who we spend our time with. Make sure to respect your date’s time and energy by showing up on time. 

3. Do: Respect COVID Protocol

One of the biggest online dating trends in 2021 is Zoom dates. Even as vaccines are being distributed, things aren’t back to normal yet. Be sure to continue following your local guidelines for safety. 

Keeping yourself and your date safe is sexy! Zoom dates are a great way to get to know someone without spending energy and money going on a full date.

Make sure you have the conversation about COVID safety so that you and your date are on the same page when it comes to safety protocols. After you feel comfortable, you can go on an in-person date, but continue to wear face masks and use hand sanitizer. 

A fun face mask is a great way to show your personality, and respecting COVID protocol is a great way to show you’re conscious of public health. 

4. Don’t: Check Your Phone

It can be tempting to check your phone, especially on a Zoom date. It might not feel like a real date, so you might think your date won’t notice if you check your messages. 

Research shows that having your phone within reach lowers the quality of your conversation, even if you’re not checking it. Take the time to put your phone away, and engage fully with your date. 

5. Do: Compliment Your Date

These prolonged quarantines have made many people more self-conscious. Some people might have gained weight or might be putting less effort into self-presentation. Anxiety and depression are on the rise, and there are very few reasons to even leave the house.

This date might be the only reason your partner has gotten dressed up in a long time. Make them feel good by giving them a few compliments on their outfit, their makeup, or their hair! 

Don’t: Be Afraid Of Dating In 2021!

If you’ve been single in 2021 and avoiding navigating the COVID dating world, avoid no longer. There’s no excuse not to dip your toe in the dating pool, especially now that you have these handy tips! 

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