Playing games at online casinos is a fun way to decompress and have regular fun. However, even though online casinos are priced lower than physical ones, they still cost money to play at. This is why almost all casinos offer bonuses to encourage their players to play regularly. Here are three ways to take advantage of bonuses when playing online.

Use A Sign-Up Bonus

Also commonly referred to as the welcome bonus, the sign-up bonus is a standard bonus offered by pretty much every online gambling site on the internet. If it is your first time visiting a particular online gambling site, the site will offer you a sign-up bonus choosing to become a member and for making the first-time deposit. The amount you will receive as bonus varies and is usually a fixed percentage of the amount which you deposited. While this means that if you put in more on your first deposit you will likely get a bigger bonus, there is also typically a maximum amount that you can receive as a sign-up bonus. This bonus will only be available for a claim once. However, you may be able to find a number of websites that will stagger your sign-up bonus offer over the first 3-5 deposits you make.

With this option available, you can sign up to different online gaming sites and have extra resources as you secure multiple welcome bonuses.

Get a Bonus When You Reload

Another way to take advantage of online bonuses is to rake them in when you reload. Many online casino bonuses are offered to members for reloading their accounts after their initial deposit. The gambling sites give reload bonuses to their customers for making a deposit during a particular time window (e.g. a particular day in the week, or week in the month). Some online casinos even give reload bonuses on a daily schedule.

All you need to do is look through the online sites where you received a substantial sign-up bonus and see if they also offer a bonus for reloading. If yes, then you can simply create a gaming schedule where you make deposits only on the days when reload bonuses are available.

Take Advantage of a Loyalty Bonus

While you can take advantage of sign-up bonuses and reload bonuses from multiple websites, you can also gain bonuses by sticking with one online casino for an extended period. Most online gaming sites have a loyalty scheme for their long term members and give them many VIP perks to reward their consistent play. These rewards could be in the form of bonuses added to your account or could take on more enjoyable forms such as VIP tickets to concerts and sporting events, memberships to exclusive subscriptions, and more.

There are many bonuses available when you play online. There are sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses and loyalty bonuses. Take advantage of them all by trying multiple sites or by choosing one to play with for the long term.