The developing world is suffering from a high-degree of overcriminalization. Just about anything can be construed as a crime nowadays. While these laws may seem to have some benefit to keeping an orderly society and are often useful in accomplishing safety standards, they can be taken too far. We have to thank our stringent adherence to law and highly developed jurisprudence for our safe and sanitary lifestyles. The difference between third world countries and developed nations often boils down to a lack of regulation to attract world-class businesses and leading-edge professionals. The overcriminalization and broadening of statutes to cover conduct that creates no practical injury to others is only being held back by a limited number of studious defense attorneys.

Those who are looking for criminal lawyers parramatta need to consider how easy it is to violate the law. Laws are completely arbitrary lines in the sand that are thought in theory to have some greater benefit to the community at large. Overzealous prosecutors can, however, overextend the statutory intent of these laws and make anything a crime. The problem with the law is that it is not just limited to the simple proscription of a statute. Law is perplexed with convoluted intricacies in what is called the common law.

The common law system developed in England and adopted by the United States and British territories like Australia was originally an “unwritten” application of laws. The common law is now a system where the judges construe and construct statutes and former constructions of common law to mean just about anything they want. All Aussies are expected to know the exact definition of every law even though they are expounded in voluminous opinions that no one would plausibly have the time to read. This is why the law should be applied with common sense that when someone does something bad, they inherently knew that there was likely a proscription against that selfish conduct. In reality, anything you do, say, or imagine can be construed as a crime nowadays.

Australia is home to many bizarre antiquated laws that reflect its original status as an island for exiled British felons. These bizarre laws reflect the sort of master/slave mentality at work before the modern-day development. In the southern regions of Australia (Astral-Asia) it is a crime to simply advertise a reward for the return of stolen property (no questions asked). This law apparently addresses a loophole where someone can claim a reward for the stolen property without disclosing how that property was retrieved. This could theoretically lead to people stealing property and passing it off as the original simply to get a reward.

Most Aussies are guilty of disobeying the obscure traffic laws. Laws that prohibit leaving your car windows open, forgetting to switch off your fog lights after the weather has cleared, and stopping near a red mailbox pickup are laws that are subject to be abusive when overenforced. These laws are expressive of the original exiles who built Australia and the repressive micromanagement used to enslave them.