Lime Crime offers a vast array of products that allow you to create bold and interesting looks that would be difficult to achieve with many other makeup brands. They tend to release exciting new products that are different than most products you can currently find on the market, such as an extensive array of unique color options. This allows you to create striking and original looks, which will enhance your natural features and create focal interest. Some tips for creating new, exciting looks using Lime Crime products include using their stunning highlighters to accentuate your facial bone structure and creating deep, grungy, smokey eyes to make your eyes really stand out using their Venus palettes.

Using Highlighters To Accentuate Bone Structure

One of the company’s most popular products offers beautiful and stunning highlighters in various shades. These highlighters have an opalescent quality to them, which will make your face glow quite beautifully. They offer several HI-LITE palettes, which includes shades, such as peach and gold toned opals, warm and cool, which offers a unique range of tones, such as a stunning lavender color paired with golden sunset colors, a glitter and glow palette, which offers shades reminiscent of mermaids and the sea, a mystical palette which features a stunning white shade that can be used even with the palest of skin tones to add interest and structure to your cheek bones and other areas of the face, and an electric palette, which provides you with visually interesting, electric unicorn shades. These products can be applied to your cheekbones, the center of the nose, chin, and forehead, the cupid’s bow, as well as below the arch of the brow to give a lifted appearance.

Creating Exciting Eye Shadow Looks With The Venus Palettes

The Venus palettes are one of the company’s most popular products and it is easy to see why. The palettes offer such unique shades and beautiful, complementary pairings, that allow you to create many variations of deep, intriguing, and visually interesting eye shadow looks. If you are looking for a dark, grungy, red-toned eye look, then look no further than the Venus Palettes, which feature deep maroon shades. The Venus XL palette features various reds and blush-toned colors, as well as deep, rich browns, which go together flawlessly and the Venus 2 palette has deep red shades that look incredible when paired with the other shades, including blue, green, and gold. Each palette is so well thought out and on trend that it allows you to create very in depth looks with various shades and transition colors. The eye shadow looks you can create with these palettes add a lot of depth to your eyes, which can really make them stand out and become one of your best overall features. Typically, the shades offered with these palettes are well complemented by a a bold, graphic liner and a strong, gradient brow, which will tie the whole look together.

Overall, the company does an excellent job of keeping up with trends and catering to various subcultures. However, their products can be used by virtually anyone. They are cruelty free and vegan, as well, which shows that the company is aware of the market of people who use these products exclusively. Also, it shows that they are a compassionate brand, overall. All of the products they offer are striking and highly pigmented, which makes them a great addition to your makeup collection.